The Orders of St John of Jerusalem

Examples of Cooperation

Project Rhodes: Orders collaborate to support project for Ukrainian children

The unimaginable day to day stress of life in a conflict zone, coupled with ongoing uncertainty about the future, is leaving countless people in Ukraine suffering from trauma. Children and young people are amongst the worst affected. The five modern branches of the medieval Hospitaller Order have joined forces again for the first time in centuries to help at least some of these youngsters to come to terms with their experiences. 

Johanniter International Assistance supports St John’s Covid response in Papua New Guinea

To support St John Papua New Guinea at a new Nightingale Covid centre, Johanniter International Assistance deployed a team of seven in April 2021.

Swedish, Finish and German Johanniter support children in Estonia

In the Estonian Capital Tallinn about 300 children and young people have already received schooling support from the Peeteli parish.